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Tangent to a circle

Angle between Tangent and Chord

Common Tangents

Probability I

Sample space


1. An event is a subset of outcomes which satisfies certain conditions.
2. An event may or may not occur in an experiment. An event is possible if its elements are the elements of the sample space.
3. An impossible event is an empty set.

Probability of an event

1. The probability of an event is the ratio of the number of times the event occurs to the number of trials.
2. Probability of an event A
3. Probability of an event = 1 if the event is certain to happen.
4. Probability of an event = 0 if the event is impossible to happen.
5. Expected number of times an event will occur
= Probability of the event x number of trials.

Statistic III

Class Interval

Mode and Mean


Frequency Polygon

Cumulative Frequency

Measure of Dispersion

The Straight Line

Gradient of a Straight Line

Gradient of a Straight Line in Cartesian Coordinates


Equation of a Straight Line

Parallel Lines

Mathematical Reasoning


Quantifiers ?all? and ?some?.

Operations on statements



Deduction and Induction



Subset, Universal Set and the Complement of a Set

Operation on Sets

Quadratic Expressions And Equations

Quadratic Expressions

Factorisation of Quadratic Expressions

Quadratic Equations

Roots of quadratic Equations

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